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Other Sources

    Agility Dog Training   (Questions & Answers)   by Mary Ann Nester 


Although it has only been run as an organised sport since 1979, agility has rapidly established itself as one of the most popular competitive disciplines in the dog world. Under the direction of their handlers, agility dogs have to navigate their way around an obstacle course in the shortest possible time while not losing points for technical faults. Fences, weave poles, tunnels, A-frames, see-saws - they are all grist to the mill for an agility specialist. The sport combines excitement, frantic activity for both dog and handler, high levels of control, and an overall atmosphere of comradeship that ensures that everyone involved has a genuine good time. While participating in agility trials can prove addictive for both dog and handler, there is no doubt that the speed at which an event is run means that it is all too easy for mistakes to creep in - even for the most experienced of competitors. What should you do if your dog flies out of the weave poles, is reluctant to descend the A-frame or won't take the final fence? Cue Mary Ann Nester, a Great Britain team member and our own 'agility aunt'! Written in a lively and humorous question-and-answer style, Mary Ann analyses common problems that are likely to affect an agility dog, and comes up with a host of sensible and practical solutions. Novice performers and experienced competitors alike will find the answers they need in this informative book.

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