Agility classes are held on Sunday afternoons.  There are three classes, a beginners group from 11.30am to 12.15pm, followed an improvers class from 12.15pm to 1.00pm, and then by two club classes from 1.30pm to 4.00pm.  The beginners and improvers classes cost £3 per session and the club class is £2 per session.

The beginners class is for dogs of any age, although they need to have achieved at least a basic level of  obedience, including a recall, sit, down and wait.  The improvers class is for dogs which learnt to safely negoiate most of the individual pieces of agility equipment and are ready to do some sequences.

In the club class we have practice exercises and also have a club competition.  The dog and handler teams compete for points which are recorded and an Agility Shield is awarded at the end of the season for the highest scoring team.  

The results for 2017 are as follows: -

Place Handler Dog Points
1 Lesley Lady 69
2 Lesley Merri 68
3 Lesley
Jojo 34
4 Cate Scout 33
5 Anne Luna 32
6 Cate
Cinnah 27
7 Dawn Bertie 22
8 Anne Bumble 19
9 Joy Caorunn 16
10 Elaine Jess 15
11 Holly Midget 13
11 Joy Cuilinn 13
13 Dawn Daphne 9
14 Angela Mij 5
14 Elaine Pixel 5
16 Angela Ruby 1