Cromwell Dog Club was formed in 1980 to enable members to train their dogs and take part in the then new sport of agility in a friendly atmosphere.  The club has continued to run agility classes and also flyball classes, as well as provide the opportunity for it's members to meet and socialise.

There is an annual membership fee of £8.

The main instructors are currently Lesley, Joy, Cate and Anne.

Lesley has 3 dogs - 
        Jojo - a 11 year old Jack Russel Terrorist x who has now retired from competing at grade 5.
        Merri - a 8 year old collie who competes at grade 7.
        Lady - a 4 year old collie who competes at grade 3.

Joy has  3  Irish Terriers, all train at agility and regularly take part in demonstrations and attends Crufts as part of the Discover Dogs area.

Cate has 2 dogs-
    Scout, a terrier who competes at grade 7
    Cinnah - a spaniel who competes at grade 3

Anne has 3 Spaniels:-
    Luna, who competes at grade 6
    Bumble who competes at grade 5
    Rave, who is just starting his agility training
Anne is also a KC agility judge and judges regularly at shows