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The objective of the club is to have fun with our dogs doing agility and flyball. In 2019 we are adding hoopers to the activities we are offering to members.  It is principally a social club where you can obtain guidance in training your dog using kind and fair techniques.  


Classes cancelled in light of the COVID 19 pandemic

With great sadness but after careful consideration, following the government’s guidelines and the Kennel Clubs recommendations, it has been decided that we will not be going continuing with sessions at club for the time being.

Although we would be at a lower risk, being outside and we would try to keep the recommended social distance, it would be difficult for members of the group not to come into contact with something that someone else in the group had touched, whether that's dogs, leads, toys, equipment, the gate and even money changing hands.

In the knowledge that some of us have family members that are very vulnerable if they contract the virus we have decided it would be in the best interests of everyone who attends the club to close for the time being. This is not a decision we have taken lightly.

We will keep in touch on the club facebook page, sharing what we are doing, ideas of what we can be doing with our dogs during this time & would like to hear what you are doing and see any videos / photos of you and your pooches.

Annual Fun Day

Our annual fun day was held on  Sunday 24th November 2019.

We included a fancy dress (for dogs) competition this year, as well as lots of activities.

For more details check events.  

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Congratulations ....

In 2019 to

Marlety & Lucky for winning in to grade 2

In 2018 to

Cate & Cinnah for winning into grade 4.
Lesley & Lady for winning in to grade 5
Elaine & Jess for winning in to grade 5 

In 2017 to

Anne & Luna for winning grade in to grade 7.
Anne & Bumble for winning grade in to grade 5.
Cate & Scout for winning into grade 7.
Lesley & Lady for winning in to grade 4.
Elaine & Jess for winning in to grade 4.